Respect the road programme


Discouraging irresponsible drinking is one of our top sustainable imperative at SABMiller India. When people drink too much, they can hurt themselves, other people, and the communities, and no one wants that. To resolve these issues, there is no simple solution. We believe, however, there are things that can make a difference like making sure information about alcohol is accurate and balanced, enforcing laws against drinking and driving and educating people about underage drinking.

India has one of the worst road traffic accident rate worldwide. Drunk driving along with low use of helmets, seat belts and child restraints in vehicles are seen as the main contributing factors. In recognition of the situation, SABMiller India embarked on a programme that goes beyond spreading awareness of responsible consumption of alcohol and offers a safe solution. The programme titled, ‘Respect the Road’ – Don’t Drink & Drive, was launched in 2011 to encourage consumers to choose a responsible journey home after an evening out by calling a taxi, hiring a chauffeur or designating a non-drinking ‘buddy’ driver. The programme was supported by the local traffic police, a key stakeholder.

About the programme

About the program

The programme titled, ‘Respect the Road’ – Don’t Drink & Drive, was launched by SABMiller India in 2011, with support from Gurgaon Traffic Police (Local Police) supported by Home Safe India, Call a Chauffer partner, Radio Partners - Radio City 91.1 FM and TAXI partners Mega cabs. The programme besides promoting the message of responsible drinking and overall road safety also encourages people to use alternatives to drinking and driving such as calling a Mega cab, hiring a Home Safe chauffeur or designating a buddy to drive.