Traffic Tau - Road Safety Mascot

Traffic Tau - Road Safety Mascot

In the North Indian state of Haryana the figure of Tau (literally ‘Dad’s elder brother’) commands respect due to his stature in the family hierarchy.

So SABMiller India created a Traffic Tau, a road safety mascot for its Respect the Road campaign, run in partnership with the Gurgaon traffic police, Home Safe NCR’s leading chauffeur providers, Mega Cab taxi provider and Radio City. Traffic tau, was later adopted by the local police as their own road safety mascot, a first of its kind in India.

traffic tau the road safety mascot

Traffic tau being unveiled by Gurgaon police

The Respect the Road campaign launched in 2011 to encourage consumers to choose a responsible journey home after an evening out by calling a taxi, hiring a chauffeur or designating a non-drinking ‘buddy’ driver.

Traffic Tau’s slogans on road safety can be seen at busy intersections throughout the city of Gurgaon. And a real live Traffic Tau can occasionally be found working with the traffic police. Celebrated Bollywood actor Chandrachur Singh played the role of Traffic Tau for the campaign launch.

Quote from Traffic Police Gurgaon

Respect the Road has successfully worked towards roads safety in Gurgaon with the launch of the mascot, 'Traffic Tau', we have taken an innovative approach towards spreading awareness on the subject. The amiable yet authoritative character of Traffic Tau will instantly connect with people in Gurgaon and resonate with them for its local connect.